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About metal stamping die design experience

Stamping die, also known as die, metal molds, metal stamping dies, meaning they are the same. Refers to the use of fixed in the press or press mould put some pressure on metallic or non-metallic plates, separating the material or to obtain certain size requirements, pressure process method of appearance quality of parts. Mold consists of many kinds, here is mainly for metal stamping die, I know.

Through mold processing out of products, size, and appearance are basic as, nothing big of difference, because can fast forming, production efficiency high, products quality stable, precision meet requirements, material utilization high, operation simple, and workers intensity low, on operation workers technology requirements not high, General people as long as a came in, followed others learning operation a two days, soon on can started, some even without a two days, several minutes on can learned. If is the line master hand, learned how to operate presses, feed, leveling machines, dismounting mould, is a simple, powerful, willing to work hard on the line.

Usually note security don't casually to mold inside put any of things in inside, wrench Ah, and scissors Ah, and other tool, don't put mold inside, has die repair to repair had mold (professional terms: repair die) zhihou, you playing zhiqian will bullish has, see they has no put things forget in mold inside, certainly General die repair is not made such of errors of, but you also to note about. Broke the mold, or a hand where the body was hurt, doing this keep in mind safety and accidentally die forgot to take out the, punch down is likely to die broke, just in case it flew out, people may be injured.