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China Automotive stampings survey and report on the investment strategy

At present, the automotive stamping industry at the development stage. During this period, with some marketing and financial strength of enterprises lead the market, these companies tend to be large enterprises, its capital structure is more stable, so they began to pay dividends on a regular basis and to expand the business. In the development phase, the new industry and consumers of products have been widely publicized trial, gradually to its own characteristic won the public's welcome or preferences, market demand began to rise, new industries also flourished. Adapted to market demand and supply, there were a series of changes. Due to good market prospects, investment in new industry manufacturers increase gradually from a single, low-quality, high variety, high quality and low price direction. Thus new industry manufacturers and competing products. This situation can last for years or decades.

For this reason, this stage is sometimes referred to as investment opportunities. Continuation of this situation will lead to manufacturers as the competition continues development and the increasing product yield and increased market demand saturation. Cannot simply rely on the manufacturer to expand production capacity, increasing market share to increase revenues, but must rely on additional production, improve production technology, reducing costs, and how to research and development of new products to gain competitive advantage, beating the competition and ensure the company's survival.