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Classification of stamping die

Classification of stamping die, we can simply divide it into two, namely engineering mode and continuous mode;

Engineering mode and can be divided into composite modulus, tensile modulus, riveting die below briefly explain the structure and function of these molds;

Engineering mode: also known as "operation mode", refers to the punch by one stroke, had completed only a stamping process of the die. The project finished, requires human or robot inside out product from the mold, and then on the next stop of mold inside production, until the last process of mold finish, the entire product is completed. This maintenance is simple, but time-consuming, takes a lot of labor and time costs, high scrap rates.

Composite mode: a common composite mold structure is made of composite material, composite drawing, the structure and other engineering structure is slightly different. Its convex die (also called public die or rushed head) design next die, other several block template followed by is Xia splint (fixed convex die rushed head), and Xia check bezel and Xia off material Board (outside off), Shang die followed by is mother die (or edge), and within off board and Shang pad constitute, within off using, high sleeve hanging in Shang pad above, then with playing rod or spring top with. Such as the compound die for blanking and extrusion mold removal 0.50mm, cannot be lower than the master mold, or mold blade easier to bounce or not stripping. Removal of power needs to be large enough to get products from the top out of the mold, if the material is thick, we contain nitrogen gas spring.