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Reasonable selection of stamping material

Stamping material chosen should consider stamping requirements, stamping technology and economy, and so on.

1. according to the stamping requirements reasonable selection

Selected materials should enable the stamping machine or parts of the work, and has some life. This should be done using criteria based on stamping, selected material meet appropriate strength, stiffness, ductility, corrosion resistance and heat resistance of power requirements.

2. according to the stamping requirements reasonable selection

For any stamping, stamping process for the selected material shall be in accordance with its request, stable shape without cracking or wrinkling of the qualified products, this is the most basic and most important material requirements. For this reason, proper selection of the following methods that are available.

(1) test. Based on past experience and the possible conditions, some options can meet the test of sheet metal stamping requirements, the final choice has no cracks or wrinkles, its low scrap rate. This method results directly, but with greater blindness.

(2) analysis and comparison. In stamping deformation analysis based on deformation when stamping and sheet metal stamping formability limits allowed by deformation is compared, and as a basis, selecting appropriate to the kinds of stamping process of lumber.