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Stamping materials

Is the material most commonly used in the stamping metal (including ferrous and non-ferrous metals), but sometimes also with non-metallic materials. Ferrous metals are mainly ordinary carbon structural steel, high quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, carbon tool steel, stainless steel, Silicon electrical steel, etc; non-ferrous metals are mainly copper, brass, bronze and aluminum; nonmetallic material cardboard, laminated sheets, rubber sheets, plastic Board, Fiberboard and MICA.

Stamping metal supply State is generally a variety of sheet and strip material. Sheets can be used in engineering mode of production, raw material (coil) produced for continuous mode, can also be used in engineering mode of production. Sheets are large in size, can be used in large parts of the stamping, sheet metal layout can also be cut to size to small and medium sized parts stamping; material (also known as coil) has a variety of widths, lengths of up to dozens of meters, supply of rolled, suitable for continuous mass production of automatic feed.