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Stamping problems enterprises

1, to improve the existing process equipment, work hard and work smarter, improve product quality and meet foreign OEMs a high product quality and delivery requirements.

2, on the premise of ability, using advanced manufacturing technology and equipment as far as possible, establish and perfect the quality guarantee system, raise the level of precision, specialized, automated manufacturing, and meet the needs of mass production.

3, and constantly improve and enhance the level of production and sales management, and constantly reduce their management costs, truly to management quality, efficiency, and improve the comprehensive competitive strength of enterprises.

4, the construction of the talent team, continuously introducing high quality talents needed by these enterprises at the same time, re-education and training also should pay attention to the existing workforce and maintain its technological and management levels in step with the times.

5, enhancing international exchanges and cooperation, understanding industry at home and abroad to collect important industry information, broaden decision making leadership horizons, increase the prospective and correct.