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Stamping requirements for materials

Material used in stamping properties and stamping is very close, which directly affect the stamping process design, stamping parts quality and service life of the product, but also balanced and stamping production costs.

When stamping material is selected, should not only take into account performance, stamping processing and follow-up process should meet the performance requirements. Stamping on the basic requirements are as follows.

1, has good forming properties

For shaping, such as tensile, bending, poor play, hull, should have good forming properties of materials, which should have good resistance to breakage, good post mode and setting, or products prone to deformation, rupture, resulting in repair difficulties. For the separation process, requires material has a certain degree of plasticity.

2, has a high surface quality

Surfaces should be smooth, defect-free injury. Surface quality of the material, shape difficult to break down, easy bruising mold and surface quality of the workpiece.

3, material thickness tolerances shall conform to the national standard

Because some die clearance is only available for a certain thickness of material, material thickness tolerances are too large; not only directly affects the quality of the workpiece, can also lead to appearance of the waste. Correction processes such as bending, shaping, likely caused by the thickness was too large mold or damage to the press.