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Mechanical Seal The Adaptability

The main form of mechanical seal leakage: due to pressure leakage, Mechanical Seal due to leakage caused by the media, mechanical seal periodic leakage, lack of sealing surface lubricating oil caused by dry friction or pull the wool sealing the end of the rotor periodic vibration, Mechanical Seal because other Problem caused by the mechanical seal leakage mechanical seal also exists in the design, selection, installation and other places are not reasonable. (1) high pressure and pressure waves caused by the mechanical seal leakage due to the spring than the pressure and the total pressure design is too large and sealed chamber pressure more than 3MPa, will make the seal face than the pressure is too large, the liquid film is difficult to form, , Heat increased, Mechanical Seal resulting in hot deformation of the sealing surface.

Countermeasures: in the assembly machine seal, the amount of spring compression must be carried out according to regulations, do not allow too large or too small phenomenon, Mechanical Seal gear pump under high pressure mechanical seal should take measures. In order to make the end face force reasonable, to minimize the deformation, can be used hard alloy, ceramics and other high compressive strength of the material, and to strengthen the cooling of the lubrication measures, the choice of * transmission, such as keys, pins and so on.

(2) vacuum seal caused by the operation of the mechanical seal leakage heat pump in the start and stop process, due to pump inlet blockage, pumping media containing gas and other reasons, Mechanical Seal there may be negative pressure chamber, sealed cavity if negative pressure, Will cause the sealing end of the dry friction, built-in mechanical seal will produce leakage (water) phenomenon, vacuum seal and positive pressure seal is different from the direction of sealing the direction of the difference, and mechanical seal also has its direction of adaptability.

(1) most submersible pump mechanical seal dismantling, Mechanical Seal the static ring and moving ring of the auxiliary seal inelastic, and some have been rotten, resulting in a large number of mechanical seal leakage and even the phenomenon of grinding shaft. Due to high temperature, the weak acid in the sewage, the weak alkali on the static ring and the ring ring auxiliary rubber seal corrosion, Mechanical Seal resulting in mechanical leakage is too large, dynamic and static ring rubber ring material for the nitrile -40, not high temperature, Acid and alkali, when the sewage is acidic alkaline corrosion.

To solve the above problems, Mechanical Seal now take the following measures: ① to ensure that the lower end of the cover, the cleanliness of the oil chamber, not clean the oil prohibited assembly. Stainless steel gear pump ② seal oil chamber cavity oil line should be higher than the static and dynamic ring sealing surface. ③ according to the use of different media use different structure of the machine seal. Mechanical Seal For high-lift pump should be re-designed machine seal, the corrosive media rubber should be selected weak acid, weak alkali of fluorine rubber.

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