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Stainless Steel Laminate Quality And Yield

Stainless steel formwork is an important part of the production of laminate flooring and melamine trim panel hot pressing equipment, which directly affects the quality and production of its products.

For proper use of stainless steel formwork, you must first understand the performance specifications of the steel formwork. China's first imported from Germany, Hooke and Italy SESA template substrate, Stainless Steel Laminate all the martensitic stainless steel (AISI 410 or AISI 630), and now the domestic production of steel all the German imports of stainless steel substrate AISI 410. At present the market has three kinds of stainless steel substrate: 304,633,410. Martensitic stainless steel substrate AISI 410 mechanical properties: Stainless Steel Laminate 410 before plating hard chrome layer hardness HV800 ~ 1000; thermal conductivity 200 ℃ (W / mk) 25; thermal expansion coefficient 20 ~ 200 ℃ (m) 10.8 × 10-6 / ℃ ; 410 tensile strength 1270 MPa; 410 Rockwell hardness HRC40 ~ 45. From the performance indicators can be seen from the production costs and repair difficult to see, Stainless Steel Laminate stainless steel substrate 410 is the most professional production plants and users of all ages. The size of the steel template, mainly to 1360mm × 2660mm × 3.2mm / 5.2mm mainly, but there are customers that need thicker steel formwork. At present, both from the perspective of market demand, or from the hot press design point of view, suitable for low-pressure short-cycle hot press steel plate thickness 3.2mm / 5.2mm ± 0.25mm for the best. Need special specifications of the steel template users, Stainless Steel Laminate professional production plants can be customized according to their requirements. Steel template, mainly crystal, geometry, phantom, matt, mirror, crystal, real wood, relief, Ma, fine embossed, textile, pearl, straw and anti-counterfeit trademarks, etc .; the current floor market On the rise of U-groove pattern flooring, Stainless Steel Laminate the industry's production and users are in the U-groove pattern flooring as a new selling point to improve and improve the manufacture of this pattern of reinforced wood flooring steel template has been successfully developed and put on the market. The current stainless steel template is mainly used to strengthen the wood floor, low-pressure melamine decorative panels, high-pressure melamine finishes fire board, meager wood veneer and other production. Steel Formwork Perfect pattern and flawless, Stainless Steel Laminate easy to clean surface, stable finish can make its products more competitive.

New steel formwork and refurbished steel formwork are required for packaging and shipping to ensure that they are not damaged during packaging and transportation. At present,Stainless Steel Laminate mainly in iron and wooden box-based packaging, the best way is wooden box, easy to damage steel formwork. Packing must be sealed when the moisture; into the wooden box to be tightened to prevent sliding; Stainless Steel Laminate packaging in the two steel template to face relative. The packing box should be flat and fixed, and it is forbidden to accumulate heavy objects on it. Steel plate to the user after the box to check, to confirm whether the damage in the transport process. Open the box to wear cotton gloves, to avoid any hard objects touch the steel template surface. Stainless Steel Laminate Take the steel plate to force to balance, Stainless Steel Laminate in order to avoid steel plate bending, to prevent the surface chrome layer cracks, affecting the service life. Do not drag or crash the steel template damage.