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Universal Joint Apparent Elasticity

The knuckle is the universal joint, which is the part of the "joint" of the universal transmission device of the automobile driving system, which is used to change the direction of the transmission line. Universal joint and drive shaft, known as universal Joint Drive device. In the rear-wheel-drive vehicle of the front-mounted engine, Universal Joint the universal Joint transmission device is installed between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle main reducer input shaft; While the front engine front-wheel drive vehicle omits the drive shaft, Universal Joint the universal joint is mounted between the front axle and the wheel which is responsible for both driving and steering.

Flexible universal joints rely on elastic deformation of elastic parts to ensure that no mechanical interference occurs during transmission between two axes. Universal Joint Because the elastic deformation of elastic parts is limited, the flexible universal joints are generally used in the universal transmission occasions where the angle between two axes is not very small and only micro-axial displacement

The universal joint is a joint of two levers, Universal Joint the joint consists of a pair of ordinary hinges of 90°, so that the lever can be turned in any direction and is still widely used in the vehicle's transmission device. Universal Joint The main concept comes to the gyroscope, since the first universal joint was made by Hooke, it was also called Hook Joint (although Italian mathematician Caldano had proposed the idea of universal joint before First century, but was not made), in 1545, although it is not clear whether he produced the working model. Universal Joint Christopher Polhem later released it, Universal Joint which was called "Polhem knot". The universal joint is a machine which realizes the transmission of variable angle power and is used to change the direction of the transmission shaft line.

Whether there is obvious elasticity in torsion direction of universal joint can be divided into rigid universal joint and flexible universal joint. Universal Joint The rigid universal joint can be divided into three kinds of unequal velocity universal joint (commonly used as cross axis), quasi-velocity universal joint (such as double joint universal joint) and equal velocity universal joint (such as ball-cage universal joint).