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Universal Joint Oxidation Stability

In addition to good anti-friction and anti-wear properties, Universal Joint but also should have good mechanical stability, high temperature (high drop point), corrosion resistance, water resistance and oxidation stability And other characteristics.

Gear oil high temperature and water resistance is unable to meet the requirements. In the grease in addition to calcium-based grease (hereinafter referred to as calcium grease), Universal Joint there are lithium-based grease (hereinafter referred to as lithium grease), aluminum grease and sodium grease and other. In fact, the lubrication of the automotive driveline has always been the use of No. 2 or No. 3 lithium grease, because the lithium grease relative to the calcium base grease has a higher dropping point (lithium grease for 170 ℃ -190 ℃, calcium For 90 ° C to 100 ° C) and better thermal stability.

 The structure and function of the universal joint is somewhat like the joints on the human limbs, which allow the angle between the connected parts to vary within a certain range. Universal Joint In order to meet the power transmission, to adapt to the steering and the car running when the upper and lower beating caused by the angle of change, the front drive the car drive axle, axle and axle between the commonly used universal joint connected. But due to the axial size of the restrictions, the requirements of the angle is relatively large, Universal Joint a single universal joint can not make the output shaft and shaft axis instantaneous angular velocity equal to easy to cause vibration, exacerbate the damage to parts and produce a lot of noise, So widely used in a wide range of constant velocity universal joint. In the front drive car, each axle with two constant velocity universal joint, Universal Joint near the variable speed drive bridge universal joint is the axle inside the universal joint, near the axle is the axle outside universal joint. In the rear drive the car, the engine, the clutch and the transmission are installed as a whole on the frame, and the drive axle is connected with the frame by elastic suspension, and there is a distance between the two and need to be connected. The unevenness of the road in the car running, Universal Joint the change of the load or the difference in the installation of the two assemblies will cause the angle and distance between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle main reducer input shaft to change. Therefore, Universal joint transmission form are double universal joint, that is, Universal Joint both ends of the drive shaft have a universal joint, its role is to make the shaft at both ends of the angle equal to ensure that the output shaft and input shaft instantaneous angular velocity is always equal.