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Universal Joint S Position

The universal joint is a joint that connects two levers. Universal Joint The joint consists of a pair of common hinges with a relative orientation of 90 ° so that the lever can be diverted to any direction and is still widely used in the transmission of the vehicle. The main concept comes as a gyroscope, Universal Joint and since the first universal joint was made by Robert Hooker, it was also called the Hooker (although the Italian mathematician Caldano proposed the idea of universal joints a century ago, Did not make it), in 1545, although it is unclear whether he produced a work pattern. Universal Joint Christopher Polhem later released it, it was called "Polhem knot". Universal Joint The universal joint is a mechanical part that achieves variable angle power transmission and is used to change the direction of the drive axis.

According to the universal joint in the twist direction whether there is a clear elasticity can be divided into rigid universal joints and flexible joints. Rigid universal joint can be divided into non-constant velocity universal joint (commonly used for the cross shaft), Universal Joint quasi-constant velocity universal joint (such as double-type universal joint) and constant velocity universal joint (such as ball cage million To the knots).

 A universal gear is a device for transmitting power between two shafts that are constantly changing in relative position during operation. Universal Joint The function is to connect the transmission shaft and the main reducer input shaft not on the same straight line and to ensure that the power can be reliably transmitted even when the angle and distance between the two axes are constantly changing.