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Universal Joint The Correct Maintenance

There are two main types of plum blossom coupling, Universal Joint one is the traditional straight claw type, the other is the surface (concave) claw type zero gap coupling. The traditional straight claw-type plum couplings are not suitable for use in highly accurate servo drive applications. The zero-gap claw-type plum blender is evolved on a straight-claw type, but the difference is that it is designed for servo system applications and is often used to connect servo motors, stepper motors and ball screws. Universal Joint The surface is to reduce the deformation of the elastic plum spacer and to limit the effect of the centripetal force on it at high speed. The zero-gap jaw type coupling is made up of two metal bushings (usually made of aluminum alloy, also available in stainless steel) and a plum elastomeric spacer.

Universal joint cross shaft needle roller bearings of the correct maintenance

In addition to good anti-friction and anti-wear properties, Universal Joint but also should have good mechanical stability, high temperature (high drop point), corrosion resistance, water resistance and oxidation stability And other characteristics.

Gear oil high temperature and water resistance is unable to meet the requirements. Universal Joint In the grease in addition to calcium-based grease (hereinafter referred to as calcium grease), there are lithium-based grease (hereinafter referred to as lithium grease), aluminum grease and sodium grease and other. In fact, the lubrication of the automotive driveline has always been the use of No. 2 or No. Universal Joint 3 lithium grease, because the lithium grease relative to the calcium base grease has a higher dropping point (lithium grease for 170 ℃ -190 ℃, calcium For 90 ° C to 100 ° C) and better thermal stability.

 Universal joint, universal joint, English name universal joint, is to achieve variable angle power transmission of the machine, for the need to change the direction of the drive shaft position, it is the car drive system universal gear "joint" components. Universal joint and drive shaft combination, Universal Joint known as universal joint drive. In the front engine rear-wheel drive vehicle, the universal joint transmission device is installed between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle main reducer input shaft; Universal Joint and the front engine front wheel drive vehicle omits the drive shaft, universal joint installation In both the front axle and the wheel, which are both responsible for driving and in turn.