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Machinery parts

  • Machanical Seal Ring

    Contact NowMachanical Seal RingProduct description: Precision Stainless Steel Mechanical Seal A mechanical seal is a device that helps join systems or mechanisms together by preventing leakage (e.g. in a plumbing system), containing pressure, or excluding contamination. The effectiveness of a seal is dependent on adhesion in...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Cover

    Contact NowStainless Steel CoverProduct description: Stainless Steel Machining Ring The stainless steel cover is made by 304 stainless steel. The thickness is only 0.08mm.Read More

  • Precision Shaft

    Contact NowPrecision ShaftProduct description: Precision Small Shaft/ Motor Shaft The CNC shaft is made by CNC machine. Its tolerance can be 0.02mm. We can make it as your drawing or requirements.Read More

  • CNG Refueling Valve

    Contact NowCNG Refueling ValveProduct description: CNG Refueling Valve CNG Filling/Refueling Valve can be used in CNG equipment. It can be made by steel or stainless steel. Our main market is South Asia, EU … It can be qualified by local standard.Read More

  • Steel Machanical Seal

    Contact NowSteel Machanical SealProduct description: Precision Stainless Steel Mechanical Seal The seal is made by spring stainless steel.Read More

  • Stainless Steel Tube

    Contact NowStainless Steel TubeProduct description: Mill Finished Surface Treatment Stainless Steel Seamless TubeRead More

  • Counterweight Shaft

    Contact NowCounterweight ShaftProduct description: CNC Machining Countweight shaft The countweight shaft you see is used in health massager. It is made by 45#steel. It also can be used in other mechanical system..Read More

  • Moter Shaft

    Contact NowMoter ShaftProduct description: Motor Shaft The motor shaft is made by 45#steel. It can be used in vehicle motor, vessel motor…We can make it according to your design.Read More

  • CNG Filling Valve

    Contact NowCNG Filling ValveProduct description: CNG Filling Valve CNG Filling Valve can be used in CNG equipment. It can be made by steel or stainless steel. Your design is welcome.Read More

  • Stainless Steel Plate

    Contact NowStainless Steel PlateProduct description: Stainless Steel Plate / DiscRead More